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X-ray (2.6 Å)
Crystal structure of human rig-i ctd bound to a 14 bp gc 5' ppp dsrna
Lu C, Xu H, Ranjith-Kumar CT, Brooks MT, Hou TY, Hu F, Herr AB, Strong RK, Kao CC, Li P (2010): "The Structural Basis of 5' Triphosphate Double-Stranded RNA Recognition by RIG-I C-Terminal Domain." Structure, 18, 1032-1043. doi: 10.1016/j.str.2010.05.007.
RIG-I is a cytosolic sensor of viral RNA that plays crucial roles in the induction of type I interferons. The C-terminal domain (CTD) of RIG-I is responsible for the recognition of viral RNA with 5' triphosphate (ppp). However, the mechanism of viral RNA recognition by RIG-I is still not fully understood. Here, we show that RIG-I CTD binds 5' ppp dsRNA or ssRNA, as well as blunt-ended dsRNA, and exhibits the highest affinity for 5' ppp dsRNA. Crystal structures of RIG-I CTD bound to 5' ppp dsRNA with GC- and AU-rich sequences revealed that RIG-I recognizes the termini of the dsRNA and interacts with the 5' ppp through extensive electrostatic interactions. Mutagenesis and RNA-binding studies demonstrated that similar binding surfaces are involved in the recognition of different forms of RNA. Mutations of key residues at the RNA-binding surface affected RIG-I signaling in cells.

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